Trade currency in the first correctly incentivized markets!

PS Coin is a currency exchange and the world's first exchange ever to introduce mathematically-correct incentivized markets. Claim your stake by participating in our markets and you will accumulate an unlimited amount of royalties and capture them as your order executes, in addition to what your trades yield!

Orders accumulate royalties!

Every order in our markets accumulate royalties over time indefinitely as new orders are placed, in proportion to each order's stake-of-magnitude.

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You capture royalties!

When your orders execute trades, in addition to what the trades yield, your account will be credited, or "capture" as we call it, the orders' accumulated royalties. After all, you deserve to be rewarded for your participation in the market!

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PS Coin is the ultimate platform!

Our platform is light-years ahead of the others. We are the first exchange in the world to introduce correctly incentivized markets, our own brand new concept for trading--But we are much more than that...

Royalties for orders!

Every order in the PS Coin markets collect royalties for their participation, in exact proportion to their overall importance in the market as determined by our incentivized market algorithm.

Healthy markets

Our traders are universally incentivized through royalties to produce the deepest and densest possible market. The greater an impact an order has towards achieving this, the more royalties it automatically accumulates. This means better liquidity, less volatility, and all around healthier markets. There are no better markets than those at PS Coin for parking healthy limit orders!

Many markets

  • World's first mathematically-correct incentivized markets!
  • Orders collect royalties in addition to what your trades yield!
  • Trading fees are 0.25%
  • Live view of entire markets and all orders, including royalties!
  • Truly instant trades
  • Trade 24/7, all 365 days of the year!
  • 6 currencies and growing!


PS Coin has taken extreme, obsessive-compulsive measures to secure the funds which are deposited into our platform. The majority of which are encrypted and stored offline in bank vaults. We have sought the expertise of cryptographers and decorated cybersecurity experts to design and engineer software security systems that far exceed industry standards for excellence. Please, read more about our security here.


No matter where you are located in the world, you can use PS Coin to trade, deposit, withdraw, send, and receive currency.


PS Coin has an incredibly in-depth user interface, and yet it is equally as simple and intuitive to users. Using PS Coin feels natural even to newcomers, and if you ever want to know finer details about something, just look for the helpful question mark "?" tips planted throughout the application.

Open 24/7

Trade, deposit, withdraw, send, and receive money 24/7 365 days out of the year in Bitcoin, Nxt, Darkcoin, Litecoin, Paycoin, Peercoin, and more soon!


We provide professional service and responsive support. Our highest company officers actively participate in supervising and improving our customer support experience.

PS Coin trading engine

Our incentivized trading engine has to do a bit more work than standard exchanges, because it must process accumulation and capture of royalties for every order. Yet our C++ based engine can handle about 500,000 new orders per-second on a single commodity server.

PS Coin thanks you for participating in changing history.

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